Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leftover Lentil Samosas

So, I'm notorius for leftover waste. I'm not a fan of leftovers and my husband pretty much refuses to eat them. I've been trying to be better about not wasting so much and I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with myself! My fridge is normally filled with those little blue ziploc containers but the last couple of weeks it has stayed nice and neat and I vowed to let no leftovers sit for more than two days!

Today I was pondering what I should do with the leftover Lentils and Rice from my last post. I had a hankering for some Indian food so here is what I decided to do with it. The result was nothing short of WONDERFUL! :)

First I emptied my leftover lentils and a little of the leftover rice into my little food processor. I have a 2-cup processor if that gives you an idea of how much I made. I then added about a 1/4 cup of chicken broth (water or even milk would be sufficient too) and a couple dashes of curry powder. Add the curry powder slowly... you can always taste it and add more if you want more. I then blended it all in the processor until it made a paste. This becomes the filling for the samosas.

I poured enough oil into a pan to come up the sides about 2 inches (I used a small 2qt pan) and turned my heat up to med. I then used store bought wonton wrappers, rubbed a little egg white along the edges, filled with a teaspoon or so of the lentil filling, folded the pastry over and pinched it closed, making a triangle. Now, maybe there is a secret to wonton wrappers but I couldn't keep mine from splitting open in the oil using just one wrapper, so I ended up doubling my pastries (used 2 instead of one thin one), this solved that issue! These take only seconds to cook as the pastry is thin and only needs to be lightly browned... so be forewarned! I highly recommend getting all of your samosas wrapped and ready before you start putting them in oil. Also, just put one in at a time, it just seemed to work better for me!

Drizzle your cooked samosas with a little agave nectar (yes, sounds like a weird combo but it's truly an amazing mix of flavors!) and enjoy!!!! :)


  1. Looks and sounds delicious as usual! You are right...I really need to get a food processor one of these days!

  2. Oh I couldn't live without mine! I also use it to chop up almost all my veggies! It's great for making sorbets, dips etc. And IF I ever use ground beef... I brown it first, then pour it in the processor and hit go until it's nice and super fine. I get compliments on how good my beef dishes are for that reason... no chunks of grissle and you don't have to stand over your skillet chopping it to death with your spatula! haha! :) You need one badly! Just get the little cheap $10 2cup one... I have a big fancy one with a million attachments and I have NEVER used it! :)